Yokohama Tires Fitted as Original Equipment on New Mercedes-Benz SLK Models


Tokyo - The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., announced today that its ADVAN Sport V105 tires for high-powered cars - part of its global flagship ADVAN series - have been selected as original equipment for Mercedes-Benz SLK-class two-seater roadstar models produced by Daimler AG of Germany. Tires for the SLK-class are in six sizes as shown in the chart below. The SLK has been sold around the world since its European debut in March 2011. It is the sixth Mercedes-Benz series to be factory-equipped with Yokohama Rubber's tires. The other six are the CL

63 AMG, CL 65 AMG, ML-class AMG, C-class, C-class AMG and CLS.

The ADVAN Sport V105 was developed jointly by Yokohama Rubber and Daimler, and the "MO" mark on the side of each tire signifies approval by Daimler. The new tires deliver all the high-speed stability of the ADVAN Sport V103, on which the V105 is based. Wet and dry handling and braking performance have been further improved, and a quiet ride and high level of comfort are finely balanced. As part of Yokohama Rubber's policy to developing environmentally sound products, the tires also exhibit both improved wear resistance and reduced rolling resistance.

The mark of Yokohama Rubber's new eco tire BluEarth is on each sidewall, further showing our commitment to producing environmentally, human and socially friendly tires. The ADVAN Sport V103 is fitted as original equipment on the Audi S8, A7 a d Q7, the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 and Cayenne, and the Bentley Continental, in addition to Mercedes-Benz models.

The ADVAN Sport V105 is the successor to the ADVAN Sport V103, and will be fitted first as original equipment. Based on demonstration of its cutting-edge technology coming standard on some of the world's leading high-performance automobiles and its high level of performance, the V105 will then be introduced into replacement markets around the world. The number of available sizes will be extended from the beginning of 2012 accordingly.

Since the first generation was launched in 1996, the newest SLK model is the third generation. With electric retractable hardtop called "vario-roof", this model provide user with the attraction of both coupe and convertible.

ADVAN is a flagship brand embodying Yokohama Rubber's global concept and is sold in Japan and other countries. Currently four lines are available

- "ADVAN Sport" for high-powered cars, "ADVAN S.T." for new generation SUVs, "ADVAN NEOVA AD08" for street sport vehicles, and "ADVAN A050" for competitive sports. Beginning in this January, the premium comfort tire ADVAN dB is being released steadily in Asia, the Pacific region, Central and South America, and Africa.

Yokohama Rubber is also active in joint development with leading global car manufacturers and tuners under the brand name "ADVAN." Recognized for their high levels of performance and quality, the ADVAN Sport comes standard as original equipment on some of the world's leading high-performance automobiles. In motor sports, ADVAN racing tires have been the designated control tires since 2006 for the FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC), the world's top touring car competition.